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Contemporary chevron MDF wall tiles
  • Each pack comes with 50 MDF parallelogram shaped tiles which can cover approx 1 square metre of wall based on our standard designs which are shown in the pictures. The tiles are very easy to fit following our design guides for a very satisfying DIY project that will is suitable for any skill level.


    Tiles are handmade from Medite branded premium moisture resistant 9mm thick MDF. The lightweight tiles are fixed to the wall using a grab adhesive  and create a contemporary 3D recessed effect on the wall as per the pictures.


    Tiles are 20.5cm x 7cm x 9mm in a parallelogram shape which is very versatile for creating geometric patterns when placed in different layouts. We provide detailed instructions for acheiving our common layout designs as shown in the pictures.


    Although these are fitted in a similar way to ceramic tiles they are much easier to handle and fix using a cheap grab adhesive. Being MDF the tiles are also very easy to cut and trim and because we use a premium MDF material they cut smoothly. As they are moisture resistant they also accept water based paints without the need for primer. The tiles can be cut with a saw and finished with sandpaper and do not require specialist equipment to trim to size or around sockets or switches.


    Tiles are supplied with primer on the outside face. Each pack of 50 tiles contains 25 'right hand' and 25 'left hand' tiles for making all of our designs.




    Estimating number of tiles required:


    Measure the height and width of your wall in cm. Multiply the height and width to get the area in cm then divide by 100 to get the square metre area. Buy the number of packs for your wall size (each pack covers approx 1 sq m). 

    As a rough guide, a wall 2.3m high x 3m wide would require x 7 packs.


    If in doubt please contact us for advice on sizing.

    Geometric Wall Tiles - Primed - Moisture Resistant MDF Handmade

      • 9mm Medite Moisture Resistant MDF
      • 20cm x 7cm x 9cm diamond shape
      • Repeating 3D design with many permutations
      • 50 handmade tiles per pack
      • Primed
      • Paintable
      • Easy to fit

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