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Modern open backed DIY wall panels
  • A very easy to install high quality open-backed panelling kit, 1.1m tall (halfwall).


    Available in various common fixed wall widths or we can adjust to your wall width for a perfect fit.


    Consists of 10cm wide vertical battens, 10cm wide header rail and footer rail. Supplied with 9mm thick x 5cm wide self supporting shelf as showing in the pictures.


    This kit comes unprimed or primed as a low cost add-on.


    Once installed this looks exactly as showing in these pictures!


    Wide Batten Half Wall Open Backed Kit

      • 1.1m tall excluding shelf thickness
      • 9mm thick moisture resistant MDF
      • 10cm wide battens
      • 5cm shelf
      • Full instructions included
      • Primer option
      • Measure your wall in cm or mm
      • Measure at skirting level and again at 1m high above skirting
      • Choose nearest size in metres from the list
      • Send us the exact measurement you want in mm
      • Free customisation to make it to your exact width

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