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Backboard Panel Adhesive - Soudal Easy 750ml

This adhesive is ideal for fitting TWP's range of modular wall panels, including our MDF and wooden variants as well as our T&G style wall panelling.


Specifically designed as a professional trade grade construction adhesive this easy to use product is ideal for fitting backboarded MDF and wooden wall panels to walls.


The can comes with an applicator, use can upside-down to get consistent application.



One 750ml can is good for a 2.4m x 4m wide wall full height wall panelling, or 8 lineal metres of half wall panelling.


Shipping is free if ordered with panels.


Backboard Panel Adhesive - Soudal Easy 750ml

    • No mixing, ready to use
    • Bonds in 1 hour
    • One 750ml can for 12 sqm of panelling (avg 4m wide wall)
    • Polyurethane phenl resin foam
    • For interior bonding of plasterboard, MDF and plywood
    • Can be applied in temp range 5c to 35c

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