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Handmade hardwood wall panels behind leather Chesterfield sofa
  • These are antique style modular wooden wall panels which when added to other panels makes up a length of wall panelling.


    The panels have a special beveled internal recess, this creates a clean yet decorative detail which is ideal for period or contemporary interiors.

    Using our tried and tested modular panelling system as a base we created this innovative panelling that uses super strong and light hardwood veneered plywood, hand finished in beautiful colours and hand polished with beeswax. With a look and feel of real antique period panelling this is a massive step from MDF panelling and would be a stunning and luxurious addition to any home at a fraction of the cost a joiner would charge.

    A single row of modular panels are 103cm high but the clever modular design means they can be fitted in multiple interlocking rows to go to any height. We can also made different sized modular panels, for instance with small squares and at lower heights, so when combined you can create Edwardian styled walls as per the pictures through combinations of modular panel sizes.

    The panels are supplied as complete panel units with back boards fitted and slot together as shown in the pictures.

    Panels are 17mm thick with a 11mm deep recess, the recesses have a wooden decorative moulding

    Each repeating small square recess has a nominal internal measurement of 25cm x 25cm. Adjustments are possible for other sized squares, contact us if you need bespoke sized panels.

    Each complete panel is 32cm wide by 103cm tall with a nominal 25cm wide recess. Simply buy the number of panels you need to fill your wall length and height. Panels when bought together as multiples will come with a free vertical panel strip to close of the last set of squares to the far right.

    This panelling is designed to resemble antique Arts & Crafts interiors and is supplied stained in your chosen colour and then waxed to give a beautiful finish with real wood grain.

    The panels are made from Red Grandis veneered plywood, with 9 layers. The ply has natural moisture resistance. The facings feature the real grain and knots and with our stain treatments these natural features are enhanced.

    Each panel is hand waxed using Black Bison wax and then buffed to give a warm tactile finish which is similar to high end antique furniture.

    These are truly stunning handmade panels and are extremely good value.

    Ideal for use in period properties where real wood is a must or as a beautiful enhancement to a more modern property. Available in a range of designs in half height, three quarter height or full height configurations.

    This panelling is 'closed backed' and is designed to be fixed to any wall using No More Nails, PVA or similar grab adhesive, nails, or onto pre-fitted horizontal battens and nails etc.

    'Closed back' panels have additional back panels fitted so the original wall surface is not visible at all when the panelling is fitted.

    As a ready reckoner guide six (6) standard vertical panels will fit a wall 199cm wide with the 7cm end strip and will cover up to 103cm in height from the floor or skirting.


    Approximately three (3) panels per square metre of wall is required. Two rows of panels on top of each other reach up to 199cm height from the floor or skirting, each additional row adding up to 96cm height.


    If you require bespoke heights and widths we can do these at a very reasonable cost so please contact us about this.(If installing above skirting then you may want to ensure the top is wide enough to have 17mm thick panels sit on it.)All panels are handmade by us from locally supplied materials in our professional workshop.

    (If installing above skirting then you may want to ensure the top is wide enough to have 17mm thick panels sit on it.)

    All panels are handmade by us from locally supplied materials in our professional workshop.

    For a decorative dado please contact us or see our other products, we can make and ship bespoke rebated dado rails.

    Bevelled Handmade Wooden Panels

    • All our panelling is custom made to your specifications. We cannot accept any refunds unless there is a manufacturing defect with the panelling. Please contact us if you have a problem with any panelling we have sent to you.

      • Total closed back panel thickness:  17mm
      • Standard width: 32cm
      • Standard height: 103cm
      • Standared recess width: 250mm
      • Standard footer height: integrated 7cm
      • Standard right hand vertical width: 7cm
      • All sizes given are subject to a variance of +/- 1mm
      • Material: Red Grandis veneered 6 layer plywood with hardwood core
      • Finishes: low VOC woodstain in various colours with beeswax top coat- colours- Oak, Mahogany, Walnut etc.
      • Supplied with installation instructions
      • Suitable for any wall surfaces

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