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Bedroom wall with T&G V groove panelling
  • Tongue and groove style panelling NOT IN SHEETS- 9mm thick slats with deep bevels. 1.1m high- pack covers 1m length.


    Easy to install high quality handmade modular MDF wall panelling. This panelling features vertically mounted slats with a deep V groove design as with traditional Victorian tongue and groove panelling. 




    This is proper deep V grooved panelling and looks superb when installed and painted. It comes with thick footer and top rail sections to secure the panelling and give a solid strutural appearance.

    The horizontal footer sections are made 1m long or to fit your specified wall width. Each footer section is 10cm high and 18mm thick with a recess at the back. The footer sections are fitted first. The vertical slats slot into the footer sections one by one, side by side. The horizontal top edge of the footer section has a 45deg beveled edge to match the vertical sections.


    Each vertical slat is 10cm wide with a 4.5mm bevel on each vertical edge or a 4mm wide beaded detail on the left hand edge. When fitted with other slats they form a 9mm thick wall covering, with deep vertical grooves in repeated lines across the wall at 10cm gaps. Once all the vertical slats are fitted they are topped with a header rail.


    Each header rail is 1m long or made to fit your specified wall, they are 18mm thick. They have a recessed which slots over the vertical slats helping to secure it. The header rails have a 45deg bevel along the bottom horizontal edge to match the vertical slats.


    This panelling can be installed above skirting or skirting can be mounted to the front, if you require higher footer sections (than the standard 10cm) so you can mount high skirting to the front let us know.


    The panelling is closed back, meaning it completely covers the wall. 


    Each single pack comes with a quantity of 10 x 10cm beveled wide vertical slats, a 10cm high beveled footer section 100cm long and a 10cm high beveled top rail section 100cm long. Each pack covers exactly 1m of lineal wall to a height of 1.1m. You order the number of packs to cover your wall- for instance a 3m wall would need 3 x packs.


    We can make adjustments to panel sizing so please contact us if you have special requirements.

    The panels are made from high quality Medite branded premium mostuire resistant FSC MDF which comes in a green colour. Medite is a specialist material not available from DIY stores and has exceptional painting and cutting qualities far superior to normal brown MDF.

    Panels include footers and header rails but DO NOT include skirting.



    We can supply packs without footers if you want to mount above existing skirting. We can also make a lower profile version of the panelling which has 12mm thick headers and footers, with 6mm thick vertical slats.


    We can supply the panelling primed, contact us for pricing.


    We can supply optional wooden pegs or metal hooks (with fixings and pre-drilled holes on the head rail). We can also supply shelving with or without handmade corbels).


    This panelling can be made taller (for instance up to 140cm) for a boot room style wall- please ask us for special pricing.


    **IMPORTANT** Free shipping is available to the UK mainland excluding the Scottish Highlands. If you live in the Scottish Highlands, one of the islands around the UK or Northern Ireland then please contact us before ordering to discuss shipping charges. We do not ship outside the UK.



    Solid MDF Tongue & Groove Style Panelling 1m Wide Pack

      • Made from 9mm or 6mm thick Medite MR MDF
      • Sharp defined hand cut moulding
      • Not made by machine
      • Not mass produced
      • Choice of V groove or beaded groove detail
      • Primer service available

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