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Were rocking on Etsy with 5 star reviews- what is our secret?

We opened a shop on Etsy about 18 months ago and recently we reached 250 five star reviews.

We don't seek reviews. we don't ask for them. Any that are given are totally down to the customer themselves wanting to, we do not prompt.

We think about 18% of all our customers on Etsy have left us an unsolicited positive review, which is a very good performance and higher than the online average of 12%. Bear in mind the average does include where customers are prompted to by the seller. This is also the average for leaving 'any' review, not just positive which makes our performance even better.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and we always go that extra mile where required. The secrets for us to getting good reviews are simple pieces of advice:

1. Communication, be responsive, positive, friendly and helpul.

2. Quality, always try to do a great job and fix any mistakes quickly and take responsibility.

Read our Etsy reviews here:

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