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We finally did it!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Welcome to our new website:

Like many people I have always dreamed of having my own business.

I began to think more and more about the business, but what should it be?

Well, a few things came to mind...

1) I love cutting up wood, well OK let's call it carpentry, and I love the planning and execution and pride in doing a good job and finally, it is something I am actually reasonably good at.

2) Isn't wall panelling really nice and I like making and fitting it.

So, finding some time on my hands and already having a workshop and professional tools I decided to take the plunge and we formed a business for real, to offer and install handmade panelling and radiator cabinets.

I decided right at the beginning this would be an internet business. How so, I mean carpentry and joinery are physical things not internet based? Well, alongside the actual making and installing of panelling there is of course a market for pre-made kits. So, my new business would also offer kits for sale online. Bingo!

The first step was thinking about how to set up this online business. People need to see what they are buying of course, so we began taking pictures of completed projects with a view to putting them on the website and in adverts.

Then I thought about the kits themselves, up until that point I had always done jobs from scratch, totally bespoke work. I began to think how take my learnings from bespoke jobs to make kits accurately and over and over, then ensure they are easy to transport and finally and most importantly the kits must be easy to install with very little DIY experience? None of this is that simple actually but we came up with some neat solutions (which by the way I am refining all the time).

Then, what material is best for the kits? Certainly not the cheapest MDF, so I settled on a premium product as this would give the customers the best chance of getting a professional finish. Of course that means less profit in the short term but this is a business I want to succeed so better to think of the longer term game right?

Next step of course was the website, which is now live! So, that is how we got here today and now we begin the journey.

I'll post updates regularly about how we are getting on, in the mean-time enjoy the site and check back in when you can, maybe even buy something?

Also visit our Facebook page for regular updates.

Take care.

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