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Complete panelled kits available for order

We are able to make complete pre back-boarded panelling to order. Standard sizes such as 25cm x 25cm squares are available but we can make panels with squares up to 45cm x 45cm.

The panelling is pre-made with back-panels applied and any joins are filled and sanded. The panels come in large panel sections which are very quick and easy to fit.

This type of panelling is ideal for DIY customer or the trade where installation time is kept to the absolute minimum. Simply fix straight to the wall.

As the panels are back-boarded they can be fixed to most wall surfaces. This includes bare brick or blockwork, unfinished walls with poor plaster or even woodchip wall paper or Artex. The panels can also be used to created boxed panelling for boxing in pipework.

Panels can be used for Wainscott half wall panelling or stacked for full height walls.

We supply free, adjusted footer panels and end vertical strips to complete the panelling which are sized based on the customer's wall or panelling dimensions.

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