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Chunky square panelling

One of the great things about modular panelling systems like ours is that you can play around with designs and the thickness and spacing of component parts to get very different looks.

Panelling is a bit of a thing and you will find lots of people posting their DIY projects on Instagram and Facebook and you'll also find the likes of Next and many interior design or furniture companies using panelled backdrops. Panelling, although a traditional thing is very much in vogue.

Style wise the look varies wildly if you scout the internet for inspiration but I am particularly fond of small squares in a chunky design, a classical layout reminiscent of the Pantheon dome in Rome. Here is a picture if you're not familiar with the Pantheon:,_Rome#/media/File:Pantheon_0918_2013.jpg

Chunky squares invoke the classical period (Greece and Rome), not as refined as Georgian which in itself is of course based on classical designs but a bit more chunky than Elizabethan or Shaker styles means it is very much its own thing.

Our chunky classical style panelling is constructed using a pattern consisting of 100mm wide raised strip sections and recessed squares that are 220mm x 220mm. In white or light grey this could almost be stone rather than wood, harking back again to ancient Rome. This is a versatile modular design which is easily converted to other layouts. Check out our web catalogue for the chunky square kits. As all of the working in out and cutting is already done a kit can be put up in a couple of hours without needing extensive DIY skillks, certainly one of the quickest DIY projects in terms of transformation versus effort!

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